July 1
Calais, abbot (of Ancille) [BLS]
Carileffus, priest [GTZ: Chartres, Rouen, Tours, Durham]
Cybar, recluse [BLS]
Domitian, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Eparchius, priest (at Angoulême), confessor [GTZ: Angoulême, Saintes, Limoges]
Gaius, pope, martyr [GTZ: Bamberg]
Gall, bishop (of Clermont) [BLS; GTZ: Clermont]
Golvinus, bishop (of Léon), confessor [GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
John the Baptist (Octave) [common; 6082, in red]
Julius and Aaron, martyrs [BLS]
Leonore, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Lunaire]
Leontius, bishop (of Autun), confessor [GTZ: Autun]
Monegundis, virgin [GTZ: Liège]
Oliver Plunkett, martyr [BLS]
Rumold, bishop, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Liège, Cambrai, Scotland]
Servanus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Simeon Salus [BLS]
Sophia, widow, and daughters (Faith, Hope, and Charity), martyrs [GTZ: Freising, Minden, Sitten]
Theobald, priest, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Mainz, Trier, Metz, Switzerland, France; PCP (Paris)]
Theoderic (Thierry), abbot (of Mont d'Hor), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Reims]

July 2
The Visitation
Martial [PCP (Paris): Notre Dame]
Monegundes, matron, recluse [BLS; GTZ: Tours]
Otto, bishop (of Bamberg) [BLS]
Oudoceus, bishop (of Landaff) [BLS]
Processus and Martinianus, martyrs [common; HCC, without Martinianus]
Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor [GTZ: England, Norway; PRI: England]

July 3
Appolin [PCP (Paris)]
Bertran, bishop (of Le Mans) [BLS]
Gunthiern, abbot [BLS]
Guthagon, recluse [BLS]
Leo (II), pope [BLS]
Marinus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Sleswig, Scandinavia]
Phocas, martyr [BLS]
Raymond, confessor (at Toulouse) [GTZ: Toulouse]
Sidronius, martyr [GTZ: Sens]
Thomas, apostle (Translation) [common]

July 4
Bertha, widow, abbess (of Blangy in Artois) [BLS]
Bolcan [BLS]
Elizabeth Lusitania [MR]
Finbar, abbot [BLS]
Laurianus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Bourges]
Martin, bishop (of Tours), confessor (Translation, Ordination) [HCC, PCP (Paris), in red; WTS (Bruges), sometimes in red]
Odo, bishop (of Canterbury) [BLS]
Othelric, bishop, confessor [GTZ]
Procopius, abbot (at Prague), confessor [GTZ: Prague, Gnesen, Meissen]
Sisoes, anchorite [BLS]
Ulric, bishop (of Augsburg) confessor [common]

July 5
Antonio Maria Zaccaria, priest [common]
Catherine, virgin, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Regensburg]
Domitian (Donation, Dominic), bishop, confessor, or martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Dominica [PCP (Paris), as Dominic]
Edana, virgin [BLS]
Jacutus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Tours]
Modwena [BLS]
Nicomedes, martyr [HCC]
Numerianus, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Paul, bishop (of Sens) [GTZ: Sens]
Peter (of Luxemburg), bishop (of Metz), cardinal, confessor [BLS]
Wendelin, confessor [GTZ: Strassburg, Trier (Translation)]

July 6
Fortunatus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Goar, priest, confessor (at Trier) [BLS; GTZ]
Gudula, virgin (Translation) [GTZ: Brussels]
Julian, achoret [BLS]
Lawrence (of Brindisi) [BLS]
Maria Goretti, virgin, martyr [MR]
Moninna [BLS]
Palladius, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Peter and Paul, apostles (Octave) [common; 6082, in red]
Severus, bishop (of Avranches), confessor [GTZ: Avranches]
Sexburgis, matron, abbess [BLS; GTZ: Winchester]
Thomas More, martyr [BLS]
Suitbert, bishop (of Verdun), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Cologne]

July 7
Begga, widow [GTZ: Liège, Mons]
Benedict (XI), pope [BLS]
Claudius and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Breslau, Lebus, northern France, Genf]
Cyril and Methodius, bishops [BLS]
Domitian [WTS (Bruges)]
Edelburga [BLS; PRI: England]
Euphrosyne and Florentia, virgins [GTZ: Sleswig]
Felix, bishop (of Nantes) [BLS; GTZ: Nantes]
Hedda, monk (of St. Hilda's), bishop (of the West Saxons) [BLS; GTZ: England; PRI: England]
Martialis, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Carmelites]
Maternianus, bishop [GTZ: Bremen, Verdun, Minden]
Natuitus, bishop (of Trier), martyr [GTZ: Trier]
Nicostratus, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Pantaenus, Father of the Church [BLS]
Peter, subdeacon [WTS (Bruges)]
Thomas, bishop (of Canturbury), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: England, France; PCP (Paris)]
Willebald, bishop (of Eichstädt), confessor [common]

July 8
Adrian Fortescue, martyr [BLS]
Aquila and Priscilla, martyrs [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne, Amiens]
Auspicius, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Barbara (Translation) [HCC]
Bosilus, abbot [GTZ: Durham]
Claudius and companions [PCP (Paris)]
Elizabeth, queen (of Portugal) [BLS]
Evodius, bishop (of Rouen), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Rouen]
Grimbald, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: England]
Kiliam, bishop, and companions (Olman, priest, and Totnam, deacon), martyrs [common]
Landrada, virgin [GTZ: Mons]
Nummius, confessor [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Nom]
Procopius, martyr [common; GTZ: Osnabrück]
Quintinus, martyr (Invention) [GTZ: Angers, LeMans]
Sunniva and companions, virgins [GTZ: Norway]
Theobald, abbot [BLS]
Withburge, virgin [BLS]

July 9
Visitation (Octave)
Agilulf, bishop (of Cologne), martyr [GTZ: Cologne]
Brictius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Cyril, bishop, and companions, martyrs [GTZ]
Ephrem (the Deacon), confessor, Doctor of the Church [BLS; GTZ: northern France]
Eleutherius, bishop (of Tournai), confessor (Elevation) [GTZ: Tournai]
Everildis, virgin [BLS; GTZ: York]
Heraclius, bishop (of Sens) [GTZ: Sens]
Holy Martyrs of Gorcum [BLS]
Nicholas, bishop, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Salzburg only]
Pavacius, bishop (of LeMans) (Translation) [GTZ: LeMans]
Procopius, martyr [GTZ: Worms, Würzburg]
Sevo (Gevo) [WTS (Bruges)]
Sabinus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Kammin]
Theobald, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Thibault]
Veronica de Julianis, virgin [BLS]
Zeno, martyr [GTZ: Paris, Châlons-sur-Marne; PCP (Paris)]

July 10
Amalberga, virgin [GTZ: Brandenburg, Flanders]
Etto, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Mons]
Felicitas, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Halberstadt, Hildesheim, Augsburg]
Kanute, king, martyr [GTZ: Sleswig, Scandinavia]
Maclovius, bishop (of St. Malo), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: St. Malo]
Rufina and Secunda, martyrs [common; GTZ: Albi]
The Seven Brothers (Januarius, Felix, Philip, Silvanus, Alexander, Vitalis, and Martialis), martyrs [common; GTZ: Halberstadt, Hildesheim]

July 11
Droatan, prince (of Scotland), abbot [BLS]
Benedict, abbot (of Montecassino), confessor (Translation, Deposition) [common; WTS (Bruges), sometimes in red]
Brictius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Meissen]
Faustinus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Kammin]
Hyldulf, bishop (of Trier), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Trier]
James, bishop (of Nisibis), confessor [BLS]
Ketillus, confessor (sometimes martyr): [GTZ: Sleswig, Scandinavia]
Pius (I), pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Bamberg, one or more religious orders; PRI]
Placidus and Sigisbert [GTZ: Chur]
Procopius, abbot (at Prague), confessor [GTZ: Dominicans]
Sabinus, confessor [GTZ: Poitiers]

July 12
Amator, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Cletus (and Marcellinus), popes, martyrs [GTZ: Liège]
Hermagoras and Fortunatus, martyrs [GTZ: Salzburg, Osnabrück, Paderborn, France, Aquileia]
John Gualbert, abbot, confessor [common]
Margaret, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Salzburg and Suffragane]
Menulf, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Bourges]
Nabor and Felix, martyrs [common]
Prejectus, bishop, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Noyon]
Sixtus [PCP (Paris)]
Viventiolus, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon]

July 13
Anacletus, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: southern France, Franciscans; PRI]
Eugenius, bishop (of Carthage), and companions, confessors [BLS]
Henry, emperor, confessor [common]
Margaret, virgin, martyr [common]
Mildrada, abbess, virgin [GTZ: Utrecht, Exeter]
Silas, apostle [GTZ: northern France]
Thuriaf, bishop (of Dol), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Curien]
Willehad, bishop (of Bremen), confessor (Ordination) [GTZ: Bremen]

July 14
Amelberga, virgin [WTS (Bruges)]
Bonaventure, bishop, confessor, Doctor of the Church [common]
Camillus de Lellis, priest, confessor [common]
Cyprian, martyr (at Poitiers) [GTZ: Poitiers]
Exuperius, bishop (of Bayeux) (Translation) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Phocas, bishop, martyr [GTZ: France; 6082]
Giles (of Assisi) [BLS]
Henry, emperor, confessor [GTZ: Gnesen, Magdeburg]
Idus [BLS]
Justus, confessor (at Trier, or Bourges) [GTZ: Trier, Bourges, Sens]
Landericus, bishop (of Séez) [PCP (Paris)]
Lupus, bishop (of Bayeux) (Translation) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Maldegar, confessor [GTZ: Cambrai]
Sisinnius and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Chur]
Vigor, bishop (of Bayeux) (Translation) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Vincent, confessor [GTZ: Cambrai]

July 15
Division of the Apostles
Benedict, bishop (of Angers), confessor [GTZ: Angers]
Bertin, monk (at Luxeuil) [PCP (Paris)]
Bonaventure, bishop, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Ciriaca and Juliata, martyrs [6082]
David, abbot [GTZ: Upsala only]
Quiricus and Julitta, martyrs [GTZ: Teutonic Knights, Genf, Trent, Italy, Russia; 6082]
Gumpert, confessor [GTZ: Würzburg]
Henry (II), emperor [BLS]
Margaret, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Basel, Chur, Constance, Strassburg]
Nine virgins [GTZ: Scotland]
Plechelm, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Utrecht]
Reginswindis, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Würzburg]
Rivalus, confessor [GTZ: Tréguier]
Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor (Translation) [BLS; GTZ: England]
Vedast, bishop (of Arras) (Relatio) [GTZ: Cambrai]

July 16
Alexius [PCP (Paris)]
Andrew and Benedict, martyrs [GTZ: Gnesen, Agram]
Anthony, bishop (of Carpentras) [GTZ: Rodez]
Bertin, abbot, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Tournai]
Domninus, martyr [GTZ: Puy]
Elier (Helier), hermit, martyr [BLS]
Eustace, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Arles, Autun]
Eustathius, bishop (of Antioch), confessor [BLS]
Generosus, confessor [GTZ: Poitiers, Luçon]
Gondulf and Monulf, bishops, confessors [GTZ: Liège]
Helerius, martyr [GTZ: Coutances]
Hilary, bishop [HCC]
Hilarinus, martyr (sometimes confessor) [GTZ: Magdeburg, Ratzeburg, Gnesen, Amiens, Arras, Beauvais]
Justinian, confessor [GTZ: Limoges]
Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel [common]
Monulph and Gondulph, bishops (of Tongres), confessors [GTZ: Liège; WTS (Bruges), without Gondulph]
Osmund, bishop (of Salisbury), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Salisbury]
Swithun, bishop (of Winchester), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Norway, one or more religious orders]
Tenenanus, bishop (of Léon), confessor [GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
Valentine, bishop (of Trier), martyr [GTZ: Trier]

July 17
Alexius, confessor [common; 6082, in red]
Andrew and Benedict, martyrs [GTZ: Hungary]
Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne, martyrs [BLS]
Ennodius, bishop (of Pavia) [BLS]
Fredegaudus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Liège]
Kenelmus, king, martyr [GTZ: England; PRI: England]
Marcellina, virgin [BLS]
Marina, virgin, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Venice]
Quiricus and Julitta, martyrs [GTZ: Augsburg]
Piatus, bishop (of Tournai) [PCP (Paris)]
Speratus and companions (the Sicilian Martyrs), martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Paderborn, Verdun, France]
Theodosius, bishop (of Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Turninus, monk [BLS]

July 18
Ansuerus and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Ratzeburg, Schwerin, Lübeck, Sleswig]
Aquilinus, bishop (of Evreux), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Evreux]
Arnulph, bishop (of Metz, Soissons), confessor (Translation) [BLS; GTZ: Metz, Toul, Verdun; PCP (Paris)]
Arnulph, bishop (of Tours), martyr [BLS; GTZ: predominantly northern Germany, France and England]
Blasius, bishop, martyr (sometimes confessor) (Translation) [GTZ]
Bruno, bishop (of Segni), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Tournai]
Clarus, priest (sometimes bishop), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Rouen]
Eadburga, virgin (Translation) [GTZ: Winchester]
Euphrosyne and Florentia, virgins [GTZ: Lund]
Frederick, bishop (of Utrecht), martyr [GTZ: Utrecht; HCC]
Henry, emperor, confessor [GTZ: Augsburg]
Justin and Stateus, martyrs [GTZ: Worms]
Justus, bishop [WTS (Bruges)]
Mammas, martyr [GTZ: Freising]
Maternus, bishop (of Milan) [GTZ: Basel, Chur, Constance, Strassburg]
Nicholas, bishop, confessor (Ordination) [GTZ: Amiens]
Odulph, canon (of Utrecht) [BLS]
Philastrius, bishop (of Brescia) [BLS]
Symphorosa and her seven sons, martyrs [common; GTZ: Trier, France, one or more religious orders]
Theneva, mother of Kentigern [GTZ: Scotland]

July 19
Arsenius, abbot (sometimes only monk), confessor [common]
Christine, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Augsburg, Freising, Paderborn]
Justa and Rufina, martyrs [GTZ: southern France]
Justine [PCP (Paris), as Just]
Machrina [BLS]
Margaret, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Lausanne, Sitten]
Martin, bishop (of Trier), martyr [GTZ: Trier]
Rufina, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Metz, France]
Symmachus, pope [BLS]
Vincent de Paul [BLS]

July 20
Arbogast, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Chur, Mainz, Worms]
Aurelius, bishop (of Carthage) [BLS]
Ceslas [BLS]
Elias, prophet [GTZ: Hungary, Russia]
Euspicius, confessor [GTZ: Orléans]
Jerome Aemeliani [BLS]
Joseph Barsabas, confessor [BLS]
Justa and Rufina, martyrs [BLS]
Margaret (of Antioch), virgin, martyr [common; GTZ: Aquileia, Genf, France (with exceptions), Italy, Scandinavia (except Finland), England]
Marinus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Auxerre]
Severa, virgin (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Severinus, bishop, confessor [6082, in red]
Thorlac, bishop, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Norway]
Wulmar, abbot (of Samer), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Cambrai, Reims, Winchester]

July 21
Arbogast, bishop (of Strasburg), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Basel, Constance, Strassburg]
Barhadbesciabus, martyr [BLS]
Julia, virgin, martyr (at Troyes) [GTZ: Troyes]
Lawrence (of Brindisi), priest, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Praxedis, virgin, martyr [common]
Serenedus, confessor [GTZ: Angers]
Victor (of Marseilles), and companions, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Trier, southern France; PCP (Paris)]
Zoticus, bishop (of Comana), martyr [BLS]

July 22
Biteus (Dabius), abbot (of Inis-Coosery) [BLS]
Cyril, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Brixen, Speyer]
Florentius and Sisinnius, martyrs [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Joseph (of Palestine), count [BLS]
Lupus, bishop (of Sens), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Sens]
Mary Magdalene [common; HCC, PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), in red]
Meneleus, abbot (in Auvergne) [GTZ: Bourges, Clermont]
Mineve, abbot [BLS]
Theodosia, virgin [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne]
Wandregisil, abbot (of Fontenelle), confessor [BLS; GTZ: northern France, England, Scotland, Norway; PCP (Paris)]

July 23
Apollinaris, bishop (of Ravenna), martyr [common; 6082, in red]
Birgitta, widow (Obitus, natale) [MR; GTZ: Bamberg, Mainz, Münster, Riga]
Cassianus, abbot [GTZ: Marseille]
Liborius, bishop (of LeMans), confessor [BLS; GTZ: northern Germany]
Nabor and Felix, martyrs (Translation) [GTZ: Cologne]
Nicasius, bishop (of Reims), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Reims]
Ravennus and Rasiphus, martyrs (at Bayeux) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Three Kings (Translation) [GTZ: Cologne]

July 24
Christina, virgin, martyr [common]
Declan, bishop (of Ardmore) [BLS]
Francis Solano [BLS]
James, apostle (Vigil) [HCC; 6082]
Kinga [BLS: Poland]
Lewine, virgin, martyr [BLS]
Lupus, bishop (of Troyes), confessor [BLS]
Pavacius, bishop (of LeMans) [GTZ: Paderborn, LeMans, Sens]
Romanus and David, martyrs [BLS]
Segolena, widow [GTZ: Metz, Albi]
Turibius and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Paderborn]
Ursicinus, bishop (of Sens), confessor [GTZ: Sens]
Wulfhad and Ruffin, martyrs [BLS]

July 25
Chlodesindis, virgin [GTZ: Metz, Liège]
Christopher, martyr [BLS; GTZ: in the fifteenth century often moved, usually to Jul 27; PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), in red]
Cucufas, martyr [BLS; GTZ: England, one or more religious orders; PCP (Paris)]
Ebrulf, abbot (at Beauvais) [GTZ: Beauvais]
Germanus, bishop (of Paris), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Paris, LeMans; PCP (Paris)]
James (the Great), apostle [common]
Julian, bishop (of LeMans), confessor (sometimes martyr) (Translation) [GTZ: LeMans, Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Magnericus, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Nissen [BLS]
Rusticus (and Florentius), martyrs [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Thea, Valentine, and Paul, martyrs [BLS]
Ursus, bishop (of Troyes) [GTZ: Troyes]

July 26
Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary [common; MR, with Joachim]
Beatus, confessor (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Eobanus, (sometimes bishop), martyr [GTZ: Mainz]
Etherius, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ: Sens]
Exuperius, bishop (of Bayeux) [GTZ: Bayeux only]
Germanus, bishop (of Auxerre) [BLS]
Hycinthus, martyr [GTZ: Osnabrück, Utrecht; HCC]
Jodocus, priest, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Amiens]
Lupus, bishop (of Troyes), confessor [GTZ: Sens only]
Marcellus, bishop (of Paris), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Pastor, priest, confessor [GTZ: one or more religious orders]
Rheticius, bishop (of Autun), confessor [GTZ: Autun]
Symphronius and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Meaux, Senlis]

July 27
Birgitta, widow (Obitus, natale) [GTZ: Ratzeburg]
Celsus, a boy, martyr [GTZ: Speyer]
Charlemagne, emperor (Translation) [GTZ: Aachen]
Congall, abbot (of Iabhnal-Livin) [BLS]
Desideratus, bishop (of Besançon) [GTZ: Besançon]
Etherius, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ: Auxerre]
Felix, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Carcassonne]
Frominius, bishop (of Metz) [GTZ: Metz]
Hermolaus, priest, martyr [GTZ]
Joachim, confessor [GTZ: Praemonstrensians]
Luican [BLS]
Martha, host of Christ [GTZ: Scandinavia]
Martyrs of Cuncolim [BLS]
Pantaleon, martyr [BLS; PRI]
Paul, bishop (of Narbonne), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Narbonne]
Seven Sleepers (Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, Dionysius, John, Serapion, and Constantine), martyrs [BLS; GTZ: France, England, Scandinavia, Hungary; PCP (Paris)]
Transfiguration [PCP (Paris)]

July 28
Anne [PCP (Paris), in red]
Botwid, martyr [GTZ: Scandinavia]
Camelianus (Himerius), bishop (of Troyes) [GTZ: Troyes]
Columba, virgin (at Sens), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Sens]
Innocent (I), pope [BLS]
Michael Abba Ghebra, martyr [BLS]
Nazarius and Celsus, martyrs [common; GTZ: Switzerland, France, one or more religious orders; 6082, in red]
Pantaleon, martyr [common]
Peregrinus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Samson, bishop (of Dol), confessor [common; GTZ: northern France, England, Scotland; PRI: England]
Seven Sleepers, martyrs [GTZ: Gnesen]
Ursus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Tours]
Victor and Innocent, popes, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders; PRI (without Innocent)]

July 29
Domnius, bishop (of Salona), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Spalato]
Eugeus, king [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Felix, pope, and companions (Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice), martyrs [common]
Ladislas, king, confessor (Deposition) [GTZ: Hungary]
Lupus, bishop (of Troyes), confessor [GTZ: Cologne, Constance, Metz, France; PCP (Paris)]
Martha, host of Christ [common]
Olaf, king (of Norway), martyr [BLS; GTZ: Sleswig, Scandinavia]
Olaf, king (of Sweden), martyr [BLS]
Pantaleon [PCP (Paris)]
Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice, martyrs [common]
Suliavus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
William, bishop (of Brieuc), confessor [GTZ: Brittany]
William Pinchon, bishop (of St. Brieuc) [BLS]

July 30
Abdon and Sennen, martyrs [common]
Helena (of Skoefde), widow, martyr [GTZ: Skara only]
Julitta, martyr [BLS]
Peter Chrysologus, bishop, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Thomas Abel, Edward Powell, and Richard Featherstone, martyrs [BLS]
Ursus, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ: Auxerre]

July 31
Banthus, confessor (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Everard Hanse, martyr [BLS]
Germanus, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ; HCC; WTS (Bruges); PCP (Paris)]
Helena (of Skoefde), widow, martyr [BLS: Sweden, Denmark; GTZ: Scandinavia]
Ignatius Loyola, priest, confessor [common]
Joan Antidea Thouret [BLS]
John Columbini [BLS]
Neotus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: England]
Tertullinus, priest, martyr [GTZ: Salzburg]

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